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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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CEO Statement on Strategic Petroleum Reserve Release

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Site in Freeport, TX

Statement by Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer on the President’s announcement today that the Administration will release more oil from the nation’s emergency stockpile, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve:

“The President’s actions again miss the point and leave out the obvious plan of action that would increase the energy security of the United States and our allies, increasing domestic production of oil and gas.”

“For months the domestic oil and gas industry, in an unprecedented way, has been unified on the steps President Biden could take to immediately increase production, lower prices and ensure energy security for Americans. And for months these solutions have been completely ignored. Instead, the Administration continues to look to ‘quick fixes’ that don’t work and jeopardize our energy security while continuing to vilify the industry that stands ready to meet demand if permitted.” 

“Also, for the Administration to imply oil companies dictate gas prices is flat out wrong and ignores the workings of the global energy market. Supply constraints and rapid demand increases along with geopolitical instability and policy decisions that hamper investment and production have all led to higher fuel prices. To strengthen our energy and national security, and lower energy costs, the Biden Administration must support long term increased investment and infrastructure in domestic oil and gas production and processing to meet the growing demands of the American consumer and that of our allies. To do so, the Administration must open federal lands and waters for production, streamline the permitting process, and stop the vilification of the oil and gas industry.”

“Additionally, it is irresponsible to put our nation’s energy security and national security in peril by depleting our emergency petroleum stockpile to historic lows especially in a time of geopolitical unrest and uncertainty. The purpose of the SPR is to have oil reserves in the event of a major national emergency, not to manipulate the global markets and attempt to bring down prices for political purposes. The White House plan to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve fails to provide the resources needed to strengthen our security and could take years to replenish what they have squandered for political purposes that resulted in no relief at the pump.”



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