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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Awards 2021-22 National Scholarships

The Energy Workforce & Technology Council National Scholarship program has awarded $51,000 in scholarship funding for the 2021-22 school year to 51 students attending more than 30 different colleges and universities around the country.

“The challenges we face as a society will need innovative solutions from creative, knowledgeable, and educated young people. Our collective investment in the children of our members is an investment in our future”

Leslie Beyer, CEO, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

The scholarship program was begun in the 1970s by the Association of Energy Services Companies to assist children of member companies in completing higher education. The program, which will be administered by the Council, offers students four years of assistance for college, graduate school or accredited vocational training.
Legacy AESC chapters, as well as the national organization, hold fundraising events to provide the scholarships.
Since its inception, the program has awarded more than $4 million to help dependents of association members attend institutions of higher learning, earn undergraduate and advanced degrees, and launch successful professional careers.
Dependents of employees of Council member companies are eligible to apply for scholarship funding. 

Scholarship Recipients

• Samuel J. Mota, Axis Energy Services

• Jared Calderon, Basic Energy Services

• Morgan Johnson, Basic Energy Services

• Isabelle Moreau, Basic Energy Services

• Jameson Dowell, Bruckner Truck Sales

• Berkley Bruckner, Bruckner Truck Sales

• Eric Harper, Cavins Oil Well Tools

• Hannah Kammer, CERTEX USA Inc./STOEHR

• Annabelle Gasaway, DynaEnergetics US

• Ethan Clark, Energy Drilling Company

• Katelynn Wichell, Frost Bank

• Tammy Hernandez, Hunting Titan

• Emily Yates, Hunting Titan

• Colbi Riley, Hurricane Services

• Madysen Zdansky, Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling

• Miranda Allbee, Key Energy Service

• Andrew Rodriguez, Key Energy Services

• Lauran Allbee, Key Energy Services

• Bianca Rodriguez, Key Energy Services

• Shilo Yellow Boy, Key Energy Services

• Ashley Eyruad, Key Energy Services

• Gysselle Velador, King Well Service, Inc.

• Valeria Reyes, KVS Transportation (Basic)

• Lydia O’Kelly-Farrell, Moncla Energy Services, LLC

• Laila Broussard, Moncla Energy Services, LLC

• Jaxon Moncla, Moncla Workover & Drilling Operations

• Ryan Walsh, NOV

• Kristina Rizo, NOV

• Ashley Person, NOV

• Rachel Toler, NOV

• Malina Rusu, NOV

• Ridha Sameer, NOV

• Elizabeth Moore, NOV

• Bailey Bonner, NOV

• Zachary Endres, NOV

• Valerie Endres, NOV

• Tucker Primeaux, NOV

• Andrew Eiband, NOV

• Kimberly Brown, NOV

• Jerry Li, NOV

• Samuel Krallman, NOV Fiberglass Systems

• Erika Green, Owen Oil Tools/Corelab

• Alli Borgman, Pioneer Energy Services

• Breanna Perez, Pioneer Energy Services

• Briana Moore, Premier Truck Group

• Elizabeth “Annie” Valicek, Propell

• Madison Neuvar, Red Wing Shoes

• Blake Williams, Select Energy Services

• Ty Reed, Silverstream Energy Solutions, Inc.

• Dawson Reed, Silverstream Energy Solutions, Inc.

• Zaira Corrales, Viva Energy

For information about the 2022-2023 scholarship program, contact Council Administrative Assistant Susan Dudley.



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