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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Hosts First ESG Certification Program Best Practice Sharing Session

ESG Best Practice SharingThe Council’s ESG Certification Program gathered virtually for the year’s first best practice sharing session. Part of the program curriculum, the quarterly sessions allow participants to get to know one another while sharing insights on current ESG best practices, criteria and reporting.

Participants discussed questions provided in advance in virtual small-group settings. The format facilitated analysis of ESG areas causing the most difficulty, and what an ideal corporate ESG reporting and compliance unit looks like.

“The most important thing on ESG is to go out there and tracking what you’re doing and have been doing. Because we’re all doing a lot of good things, and the first step is to identify those activities and begin taking credit for them.”

Event Participant

“It’s vital to promote and talk about those things,” said another participant. “We need to get our story out in a way that talks about authentic actions and describes the effects we’re having.”

Companies within the oil and gas industry are aware of society’s expectations and the many opportunities and challenges that the future holds. The program demonstrates the need for robust reporting and communication going forward. The program will share practical guidelines on why, how and what to report, as well as thorough guidance on developing a reporting strategy and framework.

“There are lots of opportunities for us in the social dimension. Look at inclusion and diversity, anti-bribery, employee rights and relationships. A lot of companies have been working in these areas. We have to drive it down into our suppliers the same way we’ve done with emissions.”

Event Participant

Participants also recommended ESG resources, books and podcasts they’d found useful. Several participants suggested the EPA’s ESG website as a strong reference. Others found value in looking at publications from the European Union and the UK.

“Some of the best resources are coming from overseas,” said one participant. “I look at material coming out of the UK because leading the way on this right now.”

Due to increased demand, the Energy Workforce & Energy Council is re-opening the ESG Certification Program for an additional offering. You can read more about the program and register here.



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