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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Tours CAT Technology Showcase

Caterpillar Inc Technology ShowcaseThe Council participated in Caterpillar Inc.’s Technology Showcase this week, hosted by CS&P Technologies Inc. The interactive tour offered a first-hand experience with the newest oilfield technology, power and pumping systems available.

Council CEO Leslie Beyer and Board Member Craig Lange, CAT, joined Diana Hopkins, CAT, Chris Berrie, CAT, and Council Senior Advisor ESG & Sustainability Andy Knapp and Director Government Affairs Maria Suarez for the tour.

“This was a great opportunity to see new technologies that will shape the future of oil and gas production. Caterpillar’s Showcase underscored the reality that our sector is home to the breakthrough innovations needed to lower carbon emissions while providing reliable, affordable and abundant energy to meet growing global demand.”

Leslie Beyer, CEO, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

The Council works daily to share how our members are partnering with customers to integrate ESG thinking into their products and services, including hybrid fuel flexibility, electrification and reducing the overall carbon footprint.



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