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Emerging Executives Committee Sets Sights on Strengthening Leadership Development in 2021

The Emerging Executives Committee recently set goals for 2021, which include launching a seventh offering of the Executive Leadership Program, a structured year-long program that engages high-potential personnel in a curriculum designed to develop key competencies and skills for current and future roles. In partnership with Envision, the program offers three unique development paths that include mentorship, personal executive coaching, accountability, assessments and group seminars.

The Engaging Leadership course guides participants through an exploration of their internal sphere of influence and develops leadership tools to manage change, including dialogue, facilitation, powerful questioning, effective listening and coaching. Participants will emerge with strategies to create a collaborative, resilient workplace that aligns teams with organizational vision. Targeted courses in the Permian and Middle East are also available.

The course allowed me to focus on my individual development, which I don’t think I would have done otherwise. The coaching has been invaluable, and I find being in a class with other perspectives outside of my company to be extremely beneficial. – Engaging Leadership Graduate

The Advanced Business Development course helps participants develop the skills, behaviors, and confidence to address client needs and develop long-term relationships. The training gives participants a range of business development and sales techniques to adopt a confident consultative and solutions-based approach when selling.

Taking this course has completely changed how I look at my role within my company. It has also helped me understand how to be a better leader and what good leadership looks like. – Advanced Business Development Graduate

The Strategic & Branded Executive course offers leaders and high-potential executives the tools to enhance their executive brand and presence, and equips leaders with strategic planning tools, processes and skills to guide any size organization or corporation to its true potential.

It was quite thought provoking when we discussed the effect your brand can have on your career and the opportunities that your brand can make you eligible for. – Strategic & Branded Executive Graduate

The programs consist of four half-day interactive remote seminars, two one-on-one executive coaching sessions, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities.

The Emerging Executives Committee will again conduct quarterly virtual networking sessions, which allow the committee to engage with members of the Executive Leadership Program. The committee designed the remote format to help attendees identify career development and leadership behaviors that work for them. Prior to each session, committee members present participants with questions about leadership to facilitate conversations in smaller virtual groups. The small groups allow for easier conversation and more time to exchange ideas and best practices, as well as varying perspectives on the questions and leadership.

The committee is also hosting bimonthly Leadership Forums, which allow member company high performers to interact with Energy Workforce Board and Advisory Board Members in an open dialogue structured around a targeted theme. Past speakers shared insights on personal growth, leveraging personal brand, and effective networking skills for career progression, as well as the importance of intellectual curiosity to leadership. Check the Upcoming Events Calendar for information on our next forum.



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