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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Emerging Executives Discuss Adapting During the ‘New Normal’

The Emerging Executives Committee met on July 23 in a structured networking session to facilitate discussion around current trends in addition to welcoming new members aboard the committee.

PESA Emerging Executives Vice Chair Chris Berrie, Global Industry Manager – Well Service Pumps, Caterpillar, and PESA VP Strategy & Programs, Molly Determan, lead the call.

Berrie asked the group what they are seeing both personally and professionally about how people in the industry are utilizing their time. The group discussed ideas such as exercise as a form of stress relief. Some have ventured into learning more about investment and financial endeavors, while others are delving deeper into industry topics to refresh their knowledge.

“I can actually network more now and meet more people and attend more events than I could beforehand, because I don’t have the added challenge of driving or commuting,” Sofia Barrios, TechnipFMC, said.

The conversation turned to the topic of time management and the importance of balance, both for mental wellness as well as professional development. As committee members discussed changing their work schedules and juggling family commitments while working from home, they noted their ability to adapt has become sharper and their resilience has grown stronger.

“This pandemic has magnified people’s personalities more, and it is interesting to see instances where those who are normally resilient are now more so,” Ayodeji Daramola, Halliburton, said.

The group also discussed the new challenge of not being face-to-face and how difficult it is now to pick up on social cues, but also noted a rise in employees pushing for remote working and asking leadership to consider eliminating high-priced real estate to save jobs. Rian Kopycinski, DistributionNOW, mentioned how much her productivity and efficiency has increased while working from home. Don Bishop, Oerlikon Metco, noted that the pandemic has demonstrated the industry’s ability to quickly adapt.

The group closed out the discussion looking forward to a return to pre-pandemic situations, but also appreciating ingenuity and innovation that have resulted as we continue developing our “new normal.”

For more information about the Emerging Executives Committee, contact Vice President Strategy & Programs Molly Determan.



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