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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy in Transition Podcast: Melissa Cougle, Frank’s International, on the Future of Energy

Energy in Transition host Leslie Beyer with Frank's International CFO Melissa CougleIn the latest episode of the Energy in Transition podcast, Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO and podcast host Leslie Beyer and Frank’s International CFO Melissa Cougle analyzed major topics affecting the OFS sector and the future of energy, including ESG, technology development and deployment, access to capital, and inclusion and diversity.

“From an ESG perspective, it’s not about checking a box,” Cougle said. “It’s about being on a continuum. It’s about constantly looking for ways to improve every day. It’s about being more conscious every day to take care of the communities we operate in, to operate your business more responsibly thinking about all your stakeholders, and then also how we treat the environment, and doing it more and more responsibly.”

Cougle was optimistic about the future because of the combination of talent, grit, and ingenuity in the OFS sector.

“There are really amazing engineers in our industry,” Cougle said. “We can be infinitely more efficient, be a major part of the global energy expansion, and reduce emissions.”

“There is this spirit within our industry that if we can tap into energy transition, I think the world would benefit,” she said.

The Energy in Transition podcast is a platform for high-level discussions about the state of the OFS sector, emerging technologies and the path ahead in a world of lower-carbon energy development.

Beyer engages industry executives and thought leaders in each episode, in an exploration of industry trends and topics, including ESG, capital markets, inclusion and diversity, workforce innovation, energy policy, and the role of oil and gas in the transition to a lower carbon energy future.

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