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Energy Workforce Addresses Global Audience on Career Development

Energy Workforce President Molly Determan

Energy Workforce President Molly Determan moderated a panel on career navigation and development at the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy 2023 in Houston, addressing an audience of more than 800 attendees. She focused the discussion on practical strategies for growth and success while covering various aspects of career development.

Determan’s panel featured Birlie Bourgeois, Chevron; Shellie Clark, Tenaris; Amanda Kite, Baker Hughes; and Adriana Sola, PGS. Each panelist shared insights from their career journeys, emphasizing actions that proved valuable in different phases of their careers.

Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy

One of the most prominent themes discussed was the significance of networking, mentorship and sponsorship. The panelists delved into the distinctions between these relationships and how they contribute to career development, stressing that each serves a unique purpose. Determan added, “Over the years, I have found that successfully building a network and mentors requires thoughtful and meaningful engagement over time – these relationships are not transactional and evolve.”

On another prominent theme, regarding work-life balance, the panelists offered several suggestions to support dual-career families and career development:

  • Understand and identify your values to help prioritize your time and find fulfilling outlets.
  • Stay organized by managing your schedule diligently.
  • Seek external support, remaining open-minded about who can assist, as it might not always come from within your family.

The audience asked a wide range of questions, including inquiries about international career opportunities, fostering inclusive workplace cultures, goal setting, and skills assessments. Bourgeois, Clark, Kite and Sola each provided their unique perspectives on these topics, highlighting that navigating and developing one’s career requires a holistic and personalized approach.

Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy

Energy Workforce Member Companies utilize the Association’s workforce development programs to equip their employees with lifelong skills. Some of these programs include the Executive Leadership Program with courses like “Helping Clients Succeed,” “Integrated Leadership: Leading With Influence, Agility & Accountability” and “Cultivating High-Performing Teams & Cultures,” which are year-long programs and designed to prepare future leaders as they progress within their organizations.

For those interested in learning more about the Executive Leadership Program and how it can support career navigation and development, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

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