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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce CEO Statement on House Republicans’ Energy Strategy

Today, Energy Workforce & Technology Council released the following statement by CEO Leslie Beyer in response to House Republicans’ six-part energy strategy:

“We applaud the House Energy, Climate and Conservation task force for bringing the focus back to an ’emissions reduction’ strategy as opposed to current Administration efforts at removing secure energy options from the table. It is imperative for our energy security, national security, economic security, and even food security, that we maximize all domestic energy resources, including oil and gas. This will ensure more stable energy pricing for all Americans, but also supports our strategic allies and developing economies that are dealing with increasing energy demand.”

“Without the powerhouse of American energy, the world suffers, the economy suffers, and millions of people face energy and food insecurity. We can unleash our domestic production while moving towards a lower carbon future if we keep our focus on emissions reduction instead of limiting our own resources.”

“The energy services sector is developing and implementing new, innovative technologies every day that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, while producing the energy needed to power the world, in a cleaner, safer manner. This package is a great effort at supporting all forms of American energy development and enacting the policies necessary to provide energy affordability, reliability and security for all Americans and our allies.”



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