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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce Chairs Brian Groody, Daniel Hindes Share Insight Into Energy Services

L-R: Board Chair Brian Groody, Baker Hughes; Don Bishop, Hunting; Energy Workforce President Molly Determan; Board Chair Daniel Hindes, ClearWell Dynamics

Energy Workforce’s Emerging Executives Committee hosted Board Chairs Brian Groody, Vice President – OFSE North America Land, Baker Hughes, and Daniel Hindes, Vice President, ClearWell Dynamics, for an Executive Address at Topgolf on October 25.

Committee Chair Don Bishop, Hunting, served as moderator for a fireside chat with the chairs, discussing their experience in the industry, the key qualities of leadership and management styles, and strategies for navigating industry challenges.


“People crave authenticity. They want to follow a leader that they believe is authentic and real, that believes in them. People can sniff that out in a heartbeat if you’re all about yourself.”

Board Chair Daniel Hindes, Vice President, ClearWell Dynamics

“Authenticity is really important, because your motivation matters. When you’re authentic, people will open up and bring their problems to you. That’s how progress happens and how things get done.”

Board Chair Brian Groody, Vice President – OFSE North America Land, Baker Hughes

“It’s the small disciplines of really trying to keep the team focused on what’s important and rely on the team around them. It’s not easy. It’s probably the single biggest challenges. But it’s good practice on how to keep the team moving forward.”

Board Chair Brian Groody

“The market will change in a hurry and long-term plans get thrown out the window. Then you’re managing a moment at a time. But you always need to have in the back of your mind that things can turn quickly. Very, very quickly, and there’s a curveball coming from somewhere and it just never stays steady.

Board Chair Daniel Hindes

“Build out your tool belt. Think about everything you do as putting a new tool in the belt. Some people struggle when their path is going sideways, because when you’re younger, you have this rapid upward trajectory. But how do you keep growing when sideways is the norm? Then you go back to the tool belt. Don’t think about what’s the next job. It’s what things do you need to pick up along the way to get where you want to be in your future career.”

Board Chair Brian Groody

“The future is really bright. For all of us. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon, contrary to popular belief. Find a mentor, find that someone who will give you honest feedback to help you move along in your career. Don’t be afraid to change.”

Board Chair Daniel Hindes

Following the Executive Address, the 17th in a series, Energy Workforce Members made connections with leading industry executives while playing Topgolf. Attendees from more than 16 different companies took a swing at the highest individual and team scores.

Congratulations to the first-place team comprised of Russ Schamun, Aries Worldwide Logistics; Chad Beuershausen, Baker Hughes; and Jeremy Welborn, HMH, and Don Bishop, Hunting, for the highest individual score.




Baker Hughes



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