Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

Energy Workforce Co-Chair Mike Reeves, Shawcor, Shares Career Insights at Executive Address


Energy Workforce’s Emerging Executives Committee hosted Board Co-Chair Mike Reeves, President & CEO, Shawcor, for an Executive Address at Topgolf on October 25.

After an introduction from Committee Chair Chris Berrie, Caterpillar Oil & Gas, Reeves shared insights from his 25 years of domestic and international leadership experience with public and private manufacturing and service companies, primarily in the upstream oil and gas sector.

“It’s hard to get somewhere in a world today as an oilfield or energy worker and get appreciated for what you do. In this industry, we can’t be doing this for appreciation. We’ve got to be doing this because we believe in providing available, affordable energy to the world to make our family safer and our community and national security stronger. This only happens because of the millions we represent. That’s why we’re here.”

Mike Reeves, President & CEO, Shawcor

During his address, Reeves highlighted what the energy industry does truly matters and having a purpose to share with the younger generation to help attract talent to the industry is not only feasible, but critical at this time.

Reeves encouraged the audience to embrace every single day as their responsibility to inspire themselves, their peers and their direct reports, so those employees don’t find that inspiration elsewhere.

Mike, Leslie Beyer, Chris Berrie
Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer, Mike Reeves, Chris Berrie

During the question and answer session, Reeves was asked how he handles stressful, intense situations on a regular basis. He concluded his address by saying, “You must get to a place where your level of intensity can be managed. Sometimes you ratchet it up, but you’ve got to be able to ratchet it down, otherwise you’re going to make it worse.”

Following the Executive Address, the 16th in a series, Energy Workforce Members made connections with leading industry executives while playing Topgolf. Attendees from more than 30 different companies took a swing at the highest individual and team scores.

Congratulations to Chere Mann, HMH, Dave Warnick, Anthropont, Bryan Clements, Timothy Soucy and Brandi English, SPM Oil & Gas, A Caterpillar Company, for the team with the highest score, and Jordan West, Mustang Cat, for the highest individual score.






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