Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

Energy Workforce Welcomes New Member Gladiator Energy

Gladiator Energy has become the latest company to join the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.

Well intervention operations range from basic applications in the well to complex downhole challenges and each require a custom designed solution. Gladiator Energy offers industry specific skills, safe solutions, and top-notch service through a wide range of support services.

Their mission is to serve the industry as the premier provider of well and downhole service solutions by developing products, processes and services that are mutually beneficial to clients and communities.

Gladiator Energy is headquartered in Houston. Brian Uhlmer is CFO.

“Adding new members increases Energy Workforce’s ability to elevate the energy services and technology sector. By combining our strengths, we speak with a unified voice that’s heard by lawmakers, regulators and the public.”

Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer

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