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Energy Workforce Member Testifies During House Hearing on Future of Subsurface Science, Technology

This week, Energy Workforce & Technology Council Member Allyson Book, Chief Sustainability Officer at Baker Hughes, testified before the House Science Committee’s Energy Subcommittee to discuss the future of subsurface science and technology in the United States.

Subsurface energy sources are responsible for meeting more than 80% of our nation’s overall energy needs. The witnesses addressed major research and development challenges, as well as their priorities. Additionally, they discussed the role traditional subsurface energy sources play in the development of the next generation.

In her testimony, Book emphasized the importance of subsurface science and technology, especially as companies work to lower emissions through carbon capture and storage (CCS) and tap into new energy resources, such as hydrogen and geothermal. She also discussed the Department of Energy and its programs to help facilitate American technology from its initial development through deployment stages, stressing the need to continue the funding for these DOE programs, and need for additional funding to commercially deploy innovative technologies.

“Among the areas of subsurface science where additional funding is most needed include downhole sensors and high temperature technology for drilling geothermal wells,” she said. “Funding for geothermal at a similar magnitude enjoyed by CCS under CarbonSAFE and hydrogen under the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations would enable the industry to bring crucial new technologies to scale.”

In addition to Book, the hearing highlighted testimony from Department of Energy national lab representatives including Dr. Alexandra Hakala, Senior Fellow, Geologic and Environmental Systems, National Energy Technology Lab, and Dr. Kevin M. Rosso, Associate Director, Physical Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Lab. Additionally, Ben Serrurier, Government Affairs and Policy Manager, Fervo Energy, and Dr. Haruko Murakami Wainwright, MIT, testified.

Corry Schiermeyer, Senior Director Communications, writes about governmental policies for the Energy Workforce & Technology Council. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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