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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Welcomes Biden’s Call for More U.S. LNG Exports to Europe

Today, Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer issued the following statement on the joint statement released by the White House and European Commission to send more LNG exports to Europe:

“We welcome the call for more exports of LNG to Europe and for increased domestic production. Our industry is ready to help fill the gap as the world continues to shun Russian oil and gas. U.S. production is on the rise and can continue to ramp up, but the Administration must pullback excessive regulatory hurdles, and support and encourage long-term investment in domestic oil and gas production and infrastructure.

“We were encouraged by FERC’s actions yesterday to approve three pending applications and to hold off on implementing detrimental policies on applications until the policies are finalized. Rapid increases in domestic production won’t happen overnight, but we are confident that the industry can step up and satisfy the energy needs of the U.S. and our allies.”



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