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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce & Technology Council Statement on the Current Crisis in Ukraine

Energy Workforce & Technology Council released the following statement regarding the current crisis in Ukraine

“Russian President Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine brings to the forefront the need to maximize U.S. domestic energy resources and not be beholden to President Putin and other world tyrants that disrupt and destabilize global energy markets.

“The U.S. energy sector has the expertise, technology, workforce and innovation to increase our domestic supplies of oil and natural gas in a cleaner, more reliable way than our foreign counterparts. But to maximize our abilities, our political leaders must end rhetoric demonizing U.S. energy, reduce overly burdensome regulations, support construction of new critical energy infrastructure, and take immediate steps to restart oil and gas lease sales on federal lands. These steps will create more jobs and provide the energy resources necessary to power North America and our European allies, improving the economic and national security of both regions” said Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer.



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