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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Executive Leadership Program Networking Session Addresses Mentorship


Executive Leadership Program participants and the Emerging Executives Committee attended a quarterly networking session this week, where small-group breakouts facilitated dialogue that helped forge ties between students of the three programs: Engaging & Influential Leader, Strategic & Branded Executive and Advanced Business Development. The virtual format enabled more than 50 individuals from around the world to attend.

Emerging Executives Committee Chair Don Bishop, Global Sales Executive, Subsea Technologies, Hunting Energy Services, facilitated the session which took participants through breakout discussions focused on mentoring.

The committee designed the format to help attendees identify career development and leadership behaviors that work for them and brainstorm ways to continue development post-graduation, including opportunities to develop others.

Discussion questions covered the value of mentoring, how to improve mentorship, accountability within a mentoring relationship and maintaining mentoring responsibilities.

Participants shared key takeaways with the entire group at the end of the session.

“Mentorship is a two-way street. It may begin with the mentee reaching out but at the end of the day you are building a meaningful relationship with another person that can last a long time and that takes commitment from both parties.”

Program Participant

Another participant discussed the lack of tools and resources within organizations to help in developing mentors of the future.

“Mentorship involves a skill set not everyone has, but may indeed want to develop. In many cases there isn’t training available for potential mentors. As leadership is being asked to mentor up-and-coming employees, it’s important to provide the tools and expectations for being a good mentor.”

Program Participant

For more information about the Emerging Executives Committee or the Executive Leadership Program, contact Vice President, Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

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