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High-Performer Spotlight: Brandi English, SPM Oil & Gas, A Caterpillar Company

Brandi English, Marketing Communications & Well Services Manager, SPM Oil & Gas, A Caterpillar Company, is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program. She recently shared her insights on the energy services and technology sector.

ENERGY WORKFORCE: What is your role with the company? What does a typical day look like?

Brandi English

Brandi English: In my role, I manage the Well Services segment, which includes the development and execution of marketing efforts for Caterpillar Oil & Gas. I’m also responsible for SPM Oil & Gas marketing activities, raising visibility of its total frac site solutions. Our commitment to continuous improvement yields a steady pipeline of new product offerings and technology enhancements that help oil and gas companies continue to improve operational efficiencies and environmental controls. As a result, every day is different ,which keeps things interesting and exciting.

EW: Why did you join the energy industry? Was there an individual who influenced your decision?

BE: I started my career in hospitality but transitioned to oil and gas after witnessing the opportunities it offered my sister and brother. Both were involved in various young professional energy-orientated organizations. I joined the National Society of Black Engineers and served as a board member for two years. During that time, I endeavored to increase my knowledge of the industry, networked and sought opportunities.

EW: What individual has been most instrumental in helping with your career? What did their mentorship look like, and how did it guide your path?

BE: Jaclyn Herrera, CMO of Vortex Companies, helped shape my early marketing career by entrusting me with new responsibilities in multiple areas. She ensured that I continued to grow professionally while I deepened my industry knowledge. She also showed me how passion for your role can add important value to the business.

EW: What was your impression of the industry beforehand and how has it evolved?

BE: My initial intrigue for the myriad of opportunities that the industry offers transformed into awe for the vital role energy plays in making the world we know possible. Oil and gas continues to play a vibrant and critical role in the ever-evolving energy industry. It is a source of fascination and inspiration.

EW: What has surprised you most about the industry?

BE: I was most surprised to learn how connected the industry is. Industry events feel like reunions, as so many of the professionals know each other. The camaraderie creates ample opportunity to learn and grow.

EW: Where do you hope to see the industry develop over the next five years?

BE: While there is much talk about “energy transition,” a diverse multi-source mix of energy sources that include oil and gas are needed to ensure growing global energy demands are met. Oil and gas remains a key player, and I look forward to participating in the advancement of reliable, accessible energy.

EW: What role do you believe you will play in the industry’s future? 

BE: I believe I play an important role in educating others about the positive impact the industry has on each of our lives and supporting the deployment of innovative technologies that improve operations worldwide. It’s essential for all stakeholders to grasp the vital role that oil and gas plays in our world today, as well as how it will shape our energy future, and I am eager to facilitate that.

EW: How has your involvement in Energy Workforce supported your career goals? 

BE: Being a part of Energy Workforce has allowed me to form closer bonds within the industry and created an environment that enables me to reflect on my career and future goals.

EW: Who are one or two individuals you’ve met while working in the industry who have impacted your thinking?

BE: Mahesh Konduru, CEO of ProSep, has recently become a collaborative partner, guiding me to think strategically about my decision process and next steps in my career. I see new possibilities and paths for the future and am excited to see how things unfold.

EW: What’s a technology or innovation you’ve seen in the sector that impressed you?

BE: Early in my career, I learned the NWC-H Overshot Connector had aided in sealing a leak in a major oil spill. The tremendous impact of this piece of equipment inspired me. Knowing and understanding the technologies that can be used to mitigate a spill’s impact made a memorable impression.

EW: What advice would you give someone just getting started in the oil and gas industry?

BE: Give yourself grace as you start your career and don’t be intimidated. The energy industry is fast-paced and constantly changing, providing ample opportunities to learn new things.

EW: What do you wish other people knew about oil and gas?

BE: It is my desire that communities understand oil and gas is fundamental to all aspects of our modern world. From plastics used in hospitals to heating homes to informing next-generation technologies, oil and gas is essential and plays a key role in our lives.

EW: What do you do for fun?

BE: I enjoy discovering new music, especially from local Houston artists.

EW: What’s a fun fact that people would never guess about you?

BE: I love to travel. My sister and I take a special trip together every year. Our adventures have included exploring Mexico City and enjoying cooking classes in New Orleans. We’re currently learning how to skate in preparation for an Atlanta visit. I’m always open to suggestions for new travel adventures.

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