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HSEQ Task Force Discusses Testing, Medical Protocols

HSEQ Task Force RecommendationsRepresentatives from more than 25 PESA member companies joined the HSEQ Task Force on May 19 to discuss best practices for the oilfield services and equipment sector and stay current on best practices for the rapidly changing pandemic environment.

Testing is an area of concern for many companies, as some antibody and swab tests have questionable accuracy. Companies are relying on the FDA, which is working to identify tests providing false positives and remove them from the market. The availability of tests has improved recently, which is enabling employees to receive tests and results quickly. This will alleviate the amount of down-time employees are facing.

A small group from the task force is developing a simple and unified flow chart for handling employees exhibiting symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 cases at a location or rig site. When complete, the document will be available on the PESA website.

Face masks are an integral part of returning to work. Although companies are providing masks for their employees, most employees are choosing to use their own. As the weather continues to heat up, employees working in stifling environments may have issues with wearing masks. Proper mask placement can alleviate some issues, and employers need to be pragmatic about mask requirements. This video shows how to properly wear a mask to reduce eye glass fog.

Companies are providing hand sanitizers to reduce the spread of the virus. Although alcohol-based sanitizers are effective, caution must be taken as the alcohol base is flammable while wet. A video from the National Fire Protection Association explains how to safely use and store these sanitizers.

Companies report that many employees are apprehensive as they return to work. To alleviate some of their fears, one company has created a video that walks through safeguards in place; from the parking lot to the office. Knowing what to expect helps diminish fear of the unknown.

For more information regarding the HSEQ Task Force, contact Senior Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert.



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