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Melissa Cougle, Ranger Energy Services, Advises Members on Mental Fortitude During Leadership Forum

Melissa Cougle
L to R: Energy Workforce President Tim Tarpley; Emerging Executives Committee Chair Don Bishop, Hunting; Advisory Board Member Melissa Cougle, Ranger Energy Services; and Energy Workforce President Molly Determan

Whether you call it grit or resilience or strength of mind, cultivating mental fortitude is a skill that can take you far in your career, said Energy Workforce Advisory Board Member Melissa Cougle, CFO, Ranger Energy Services, during a leadership forum on September 26. Her remarks provided a roadmap for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of leadership and harness their inner strength.

The forum, sponsored by the Emerging Executives Committee, was kicked off by Committee Chair Don Bishop, Hunting, and sponsored by strategic partners Chevron, NexTier Completions Solutions and SLB.

Cougle noted that mental fortitude is about thriving in an ever-changing industry.

“Being able to roll with the punches, pick your bad self back up, dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes and keep trucking has probably defined me better than anything else,” she said.

She also addressed the role of mental fortitude in team management, noting that a leader’s own behavior sets the tone for resilience and determination. In order to thrive during a downturn, Cougle said she turns to planning and being willing to adapt and be flexible when the plan changes.

“You’ve got to know what your timeline is,” she said. “You’ve got to be willing to constantly tweak your plan when you see a more effective route.”

When planning, Cougle mentioned being ready for the cycles in energy services, and encouraged the room to avoid using hope as a strategy and instead take control of their destinies.

“You can manifest your destiny far more than you think you can in this space. There’s certain aspects of life we can’t control. That’s absolutely true. But what is 100% true is how we react is 100% within our control. When adversity hits you, you need to use the time you have but you need to also recognize time is very precious.”

Advisory Board Member Melissa Cougle, Ranger Energy Services

Cougle also addressed self-awareness and personal development in mental fortitude. She recommended resources for the attendees that have benefited her personally. For self-awareness and team dynamics, she recommended StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, QBQ and others.

The next leadership forum is November 9, with Advisory Board Member Bruce Miller, SLB. Register now.

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