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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Member Companies Present at Credit Symposium

More than 100 legal and credit professionals from the oil and gas industry attended a symposium on April 17 focusing on credit trends and best practices, hosted by the Doré Law Group. Participants discussed litigation strategies, the aftermath of the bankruptcy cycle and its effects on the oil and gas industry, and the impact of shale on industry economics.

Lesa Landry Carter, Senior Legal Advisor, BJ Services, and Andre Stanojcic, Doré Law Group, gave an overview of how companies can best utilize Master Service Agreements to gain advantage in legal and financial matters. They also provided examples of verbiage to protect current and future transactions from litigation.

Doug Dunlap, Director of Credit, TETRA Technologies, and Lisa Rothberg Aquino, Doré Law Group, reviewed the standard forms used in credit departments and how to utilize them to capture as much information up front so companies are prepared for future credit and/or litigation disputes. This presentation also highlighted the pitfalls of inconsistencies that exist across various departmental forms. To mitigate problems that occur from these inconsistencies, all departments need to work together.

Michael Pelan, Director of Credit & Collections, Knight Energy Services, gave insights into credit departments, sharing his years of experience and knowledge from successes and mistakes. He emphasized training as key and encouraged participation in events such as the symposium, as well as the various training events hosted by PESA.

To learn more about PESA’s Credit Interchange Division and future events, contact PESA Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert.


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