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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Networking Event Sparks Discussion on Culture, Professional Development

EE-NetworkingPESA’s Executive Leadership Program continues to bring together high performers from more than 20 Member Companies as it hosted a virtual networking event on September 2.

PESA Emerging Executives Chair Omeid Rahimian, Oceaneering, Vice Chair Chris Berrie, Global Industry Manager – Well Service Pumps, Caterpillar, and PESA Vice President Strategy & Programs Molly Determan lead the call.

Before the event, leaders presented the large group with tailored questions about the ingredients of leadership to facilitate conversations when broken into smaller virtual groups. The smaller groups allowed for easier conversation and more time to exchange ideas and best practices, as well as varying perspectives on the questions and leadership.

One exchange between attendees underscored the importance of different points of view when the questions were interpreted differently.

During discussion of one question, an attendee asked his fellow group members what kind of legacy they wanted to leave. This pushed his group to think outside of their current roles and to consider a much bigger picture.

Another attendee came away from the networking with a new approach to development in which they create a safe space to fail. One of the leaders described how they created a culture of empowerment that allowed their team to meet weekly and discuss something they thought was a failure and work together to discover how to improve.

The new format of the networking event was so well received that PESA will continue using it in future quarterly events. Attendees said the specific questions allowed for deeper conversations and allowed everyone to participate. PESA consistently has international participants for these events, as well as national and regional, and as a result, attendees were especially keen on the accessibility of the event. PESA will continue exploring ways to bring the cohort closer together.

For more information about the Emerging Executives Committee, contact Director Membership Services Carolynn Henriquez.



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