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New Mexico: Judge Reluctantly Agrees to Land Group Intervention in Mora County

Upstream Conventional & Unconventional Onshore Development

A land group has joined sides with Mora County to defend the town’s voter-approved ban on fracking and use of county water during the production process. U.S. District Judge James Browning approved the intervention of the Mora Land Grant, despite doubts that Mora county attorneys could not adequately represent the group’s interests, as the land owners claimed in their request for intervention. In his ruling, Judge Browning wrote that although he believes that the group does not bring any new legal argument to the case and disagrees with a precedent set by the Tenth Circuit Court that allows for the intervention of the land group, the Court is “bound to follow and apply the law fully and faithfully.” Mora Land Grant representatives argue that their intervention is relevant to the case because their by-laws stipulate that the organization’s purpose “is to protect and assert historical land, water, and use rights” in Mora County.




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