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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Advisory Board Member Scott Livingston Offers Insight Into the Human Environment

Scott Livingston

LEFT to RIGHT: Sam Delisio, NOV; Scott Livingston, NOV Completion & Production Solutions; Andrew Little, Premium Oilfield Technologies

On June 3, the PESA Emerging Executives Committee hosted a leadership forum with PESA Advisory Board Member Scott Livingston, President, Intervention & Stimulation Equipment, NOV Completion & Production Solutions.

Livingston highlighted leadership with a focus on the human environment, particularly empathy and employee development. He discussed how participants can become better leaders by focusing on workers’ issues and the challenges experienced when you put yourself in their shoes.


Livingston stressed that empathy is both individual and company-wide. One should consider not only how he or she comes across on their own but also how actions and decisions come across as a company.

He highlighted some ways to improve these perceptions, by considering what is behind a suggestion, as well as deeply thinking about what a decision will mean from both the individual and corporate points of view, and engaging in active listening. He urged attendees to exercise all three of these tactics and commit to looking ahead to the potential results.


Another facet of the human environment is employee development and, in particular, developing talent for individuals in the right roles. Occasionally during restructuring or reorganization, the main issue can be marrying empathy with challenging situations. This can be particularly difficult while having tough conversations. The key takeaway is that showing empathy is not about trying to make everyone happy. Knowing your team and where people thrive – and in some cases, do not thrive – is incredibly important to successful management. Livingston stressed using that empathy to make the right decisions for the team.

[su_quote cite=”Scott Livingston, President, Intervention & Stimulation Equipment, NOV Completion & Production Solutions”]“Communication and empathy are even more important during hard times. Be sure to communicate the reason for the change and how this will benefit both the individual and the organization.” [/su_quote]

PESA Leadership Forums are held bimonthly and provide Member Company high-performers the opportunity to interact with PESA leadership in an informal setting. Join us for upcoming leadership forums this year including PESA Board Member Michael Kearney, Chairman, President & CEO, Frank’s International, on November 5.



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