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PESA Argentina Chapter Kicks Off in Buenos Aires

LEFT to RIGHT: Federico Medrano, Exterran; PESA President Leslie Beyer; U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado; Scott Livingston, NOV

LEFT to RIGHT: Federico Medrano, Exterran; PESA President Leslie Beyer; U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado; Scott Livingston, NOV

United States Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado welcomed PESA to his residence in Buenos Aires to kick off the creation of the PESA Latin America Regional District, Argentina Chapter on Tuesday, September 24.

PESA President Leslie Beyer, Vice President Government Affairs Tim Tarpley, President Intervention and Stimulation Equipment, NOV and PESA Advisory Board Member and International Outposts Committee Chair Scott Livingston, and VP Latin America & Country Manager, Exterran and Argentina Chapter Chair Federico Medrano welcomed 140 leaders in the Argentina oil and gas sector to Bosch Palace for an evening to discuss production opportunities in the country and opportunities for PESA to leverage its significant resources to support member companies with operations in the country as well as assist new company entry to the market.

After a welcome and overview of the oil and gas industry dynamics in Argentina by Ambassador Prado, PESA President Leslie Beyer introduced attendees to PESA and provided background on how the Chapter will benefit PESA companies in Argentina. Scott Livingston discussed PESA’s support of oilfield service and equipment company operations around the globe and his hopes for the new chapter. Chapter President Federico Medrano closed the event with a market analysis of the Vaca Muerta, opportunities for service and equipment companies in the region and a discussion on how to successfully navigate barriers to market entry.

4Among the large crowd in attendance were leaders from major oil and gas operators in the region, representatives from both the U.S. and Argentine governments, and numerous service and equipment companies. The large crowd and enthusiasm are indicative of the significant demand and opportunities for PESA companies in the region. The Vaca Muerta formation has only been 4% developed thus far and will not be able to become fully developed without the significant technological expertise and experience of PESA member companies who lead the world in unconventional drilling.

Since the meeting, potential leaders of the Chapter have been identified and a Steering Committee will be formally created soon. The warm welcome from the Ambassador, Argentine government and operators in the region speak strongly to continued positive development of the Chapter moving forward.  This kickoff represents the next stage of PESA’s commitment to support its member companies in the United States and around the world wherever they operate.

[su_quote cite=”Leslie Beyer, President, PESA”]The technology and innovation of the oilfield services and equipment sector is needed to fully develop Vaca Muerta, and PESA is serving our members by connecting them with commercial opportunities in the region.[/su_quote]

For additional information on PESA or International Chapters in Latin America or the Middle East, please contact Tim Tarpley, PESA VP Government Affairs at [email protected].

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