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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Chairman Urges Member Involvement

Dear PESA Members,

PESA Chairman Dan Domeracki, Vice President Government, Industry & Global Stewardship, Schlumberger

PESA Chairman Dan Domeracki, Vice President Government, Industry & Global Stewardship, Schlumberger

This year marks the 85th anniversary of PESA, and I can say with absolute certainty the Association has positioned itself as the premier voice for the oilfield services and equipment sector. There just isn’t anything like PESA elsewhere in the industry. The collaboration of the best and brightest minds in the service sector has created a vibrant organization vital to the member companies, our customers and communities where we each operate.

What began as a partnership between the U.S. government and the oil services and equipment organizations has bloomed over the years into a dynamic force that prizes the best our industry provides. PESA’s mission of advocating for and supporting this sector’s achievements in job creation, technological innovation and economic stability are showcased throughout the year with the many workforce training programs, benchmarking projects, contributions to STEM education, and advocating for fair and practical trade practices, balanced regulatory measures, and increased access.

At a time of great changes in the industry, it is more important than ever for Member Companies to be engaged and to be aware of all the activities PESA executes to support our sector.

PESA Committees are one way that Members can get involved. Committees do everything from crafting policy responses to federal agencies on behalf of the sector to showcasing best practices at seminars and roundtables to showing leadership and gaining recognition as committees address key issues.

Member Companies find value in the many workforce training programs available, such as the Executive Leadership Program, our intern/extern programs and Oil & Gas 101. The Executive Leadership Program, which begins each January, is a year-long structured course that helps member-company personnel to grow their leadership skills and maximize their capabilities. The intern programs provide superb student access to Member Companies that may not otherwise be able to take advantage of engaging the young talent from Rice and other Texas universities. Oil & Gas 101, which is held this year on October 3-4, offers a broad look at the industry for newcomers and support staff. Both programs provide beneficial training that will strengthen their individual companies.

PESA is also dedicated to the long-term educational aspect of future industry leaders by supporting STEM education through elementary, middle and high schools, and the undergraduate level of college. Association Members raise funds every year through the Explorers and Energy Education Committees to donate to the award-winning IPAA/PESA High School Petroleum Academies, middle school STEM Exploration programs, and contributions to organizations who seek to promote STEM learning to underserved populations.

I encourage Member Companies to reach out to the PESA staff to find out how you can become involved. You may wish to network with other industry leaders at events. If you have contacts at other companies that you feel would be a good fit for membership in the Association, please let us know. Please plan to periodically visit the PESA offices in Houston and speak with the staff. It’s a great way to learn more about the things PESA is doing and how your organization may become more involved. Leslie and her staff are here to help your company achieve great things, whether it be through workforce development, targeted advocacy, or through executive engagement at our C-suite level events.

I hope during the next 15 years of PESA that we will achieve even greater heights in time to celebrate our 100th anniversary. I’m confident that our Members can innovate, effect change and lead the oilfield services and equipment sector toward a prosperous future.




Dan Domeracki
PESA Chairman
Vice President Government, Industry & Global Stewardship



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