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PESA Files Request to Extend Tariffs Exclusion

Yesterday, PESA filed comments to request an extension of the Section 301 product exclusion for oil well and oil field crank-balanced, long-stroke and beam pumps (described in statistical reporting number 8413.50.0010). This exclusion was originally submitted in 2019 and is scheduled to expire in June. If USTR accepts the request for extension, another year will be granted. The comments can be found here.

As a reminder, the following OFS exclusions will expire in July:

HTS 8413919080 – Beam Pumping Units (granted July 3, 2019; published July 9, 2019) amended in February 2020

HTS 8413919080 – Hollow Steel Rods (granted September 17, 2019; published July 9, 2019) amended in February 2020

If your company uses these products and would like to work with PESA on requesting an extension to the exclusions, please contact PESA VP Government Affairs Tim Tarpley at [email protected] by May 11.



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