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PESA High-Performer Spotlight: David Osburn, Director – U.S. Sales, Oil States Energy Services

David Osburn, Director – US Sales, Oil States Energy Services

David Osburn, Director – U.S. Sales, Oil States Energy Services

What influenced your decision to enter the oil and gas industry?
The main driver for my pursuance of a career in the oil and gas industry had to come from my father. He was a petroleum engineer himself that retired from Shell Oil after a lengthy career. After starting college, I remained intrigued by the ever-changing technology within the oil and gas industry and its ability to reinvent itself in order to meet global demand for energy.

What was your impression of the industry beforehand and how has it evolved?
My initial impressions of the industry were developed while working during summer breaks from college on both offshore and land drilling, and production operations. As I have progressed in my career I am still amazed by the ability of our industry to embrace the challenges that present themselves – the ability to adapt to those challenges and continue to push the technological envelope through the service sector. To this day I still have a great amount of respect for those individuals working close to the wellsite, but have a much broader respect for the team that it takes to turn a prospect into production.

What have you found to be the most surprising about the industry?
The ability to economically enhance the recovery of proven reserves through advancements in engineering practices and technology. The industry doesn’t become complacent but rather is driven by the entrepreneurial and competitive spirit of companies to look for more efficient, safer means to deliver results.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about the industry or your work?
The most challenging aspect of the industry is figuring out how to adapt to the cyclical nature of our business, while maintaining profitability. Consequently, the most rewarding aspect of my work is being able to utilize multiple skillsets while collaborating with talented individuals in providing industry solutions.

Where do you hope to see the industry develop over the next five years?
It is amazing to think about the progress and gains our industry has shown over the last five years in relation to oil and gas production. I would like to continue to see advancements in technology in order to replace reserves and provide safe, efficient solutions throughout the energy sector.

What role do you believe you will play in the industry’s future?
I would like to take the knowledge and lessons learned over my career thus far to help provide opportunities and development for the next generation of leaders within the industry.

How has your involvement in PESA supported your career goals?
PESA has provided a platform for professional development and networking opportunities amongst peers. They have also provided a voice for the equipment service providers to better understand the challenges faced within the industry.

Tell us about some of the people you’ve met while working in the industry and how they’ve impacted your thinking.
I have had the chance to work with a diverse group of individuals from various countries, experience levels and backgrounds throughout my career. Each interaction has helped shape me as an engineer and manager, while providing unique opportunities to develop as an individual.

What are you most excited about for your career, your company and your industry?
It excites me to know that our industry is driven by technology in order to continue to raise the bar on expectations and performance.

This ultimately attracts highly skilled individuals in order to meet the needs and challenges of our industry. I am fortunate to work for a company that places high regard for innovation and the development of its employees.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about entering the oil and gas industry?
The oil and gas industry can provide a challenging and rewarding career. I would tell them to remain open minded on opportunities for development and career advancement within the industry. As I graduated from college and started my career, I didn’t have a full understanding of the depth of career development opportunities. Lastly, I would tell them to continue to press themselves with new challenges and not to become complacent.

What do you wish other people knew about oil and gas?
That the oil and gas industry is one of the most diversified, challenging, technologically advanced industries in the world that ultimately drives economies through oil and gas production and innovation.



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