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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Hosts ESG Knowledge-Sharing Certification Program Webinar

Attendees from more than 40 companies joined a webinar this week to learn about PESA’s 2020 ESG Knowledge-Sharing Certification Program, covering Environmental, Social and Governance best practices to educate members and cross industry partners on evolving ESG criteria and reporting.

PESA Advisory Board Member Melissa Cougle, CFO, Frank’s International, kicked off the webinar by speaking to how the program came to light.

“Recognizing the shift change in the investment community in 2017, the PESA Board and Leadership decided that there was a strong role to play for the organization in furthering ESG and Energy Transition issues in support of its member companies. On the back of this decision, the ESG committee was formed and has been forming and actioning initiatives to this end,” she said.

She also highlighted how ESG is a journey without a clear destination. “It is a way of being as an organization, rather than an objective to be achieved,” she said. “Beginning to adopt such a mindset for our member companies is not only important for our individual performance, but also for the ability of our sector to survive and thrive in these times.”

PESA ESG Committee Co-Chairs Valerie Banner, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Exterran, and Jock Pool, Chief Compliance Officer, Oceaneering International, addressed the program’s purpose, value and approach. The program highlights practical ESG guidelines and provides a maturity assessment against main ESG dimensions to incorporate relevant ESG best practices in response to COVID-19 and price environment challenges (short-term) and enable sustainable resilience and financial performance in a post-COVID environment (long-term).

Banner and Pool also emphasized the importance of the OFS sector crafting its message relative to ESG, continuing to build, communicate and promote it.

“It’s so important for our sector to have a voice here. When our customers are talking about reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or in the overall carbon footprint, it will be our technology that supports that effort,” said Pool.

Simone Ponticelli, Business Strategy Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy Energy, provided information on the program timeline. Between July and October PESA will host three deep-dive webinars to address each arm of ESG. These webinars facilitated by Accenture will offer keynote speaker insight into structure and methods, KPI frameworks and best practices and cross industries examples for all three dimensions.

After these webinars, the program will culminate in a fall full-day in person seminar where participants will showcase mentorship results and Member Company achievements. Speakers will include E&P companies, industry leaders and investor perspectives. All who complete the program will receive a PESA ESG Knowledge Sharing Program Certification.

Although the program welcomes all who are interested in incorporating ESG strategies and solutions into their organization, target participants for the program are cross-functional thought leaders with span of influence, demonstrated interest, internal credibility and strategic thinking skills.

“The goal is for PESA to lead both the OFS sector as well as the wider energy sector through the various dimensions of ESG via the activities performed through its committee work and through member company achievements.”- Melissa Cougle, CFO, Frank’s International

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