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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Kicks Off 2017 Executive Leadership Program

The PESA Emerging Leaders Committee kicked off its third annual Executive Leadership Program in Houston this January with record enrollment numbers. The Executive Leadership Program is a professional development program offering one-on-one executive coaching sessions, mentorship and networking.

2017 executive leadershipTo meet an increased interest, the 2017 program now features two separate tracks, Engaging Leadership and Executive Presence. Both provide professional development and training for member company high performers. Through the program, participants cultivate relationships with peers and leading industry executives.

Pat Lipovski, International Executive Specialist, led the kick-off seminars with co-facilitators from Envision Group, an innovative global leader in corporate advising and coaching.

The Engaging Leadership Seminar, which was held on January 18, focused on identifying strategies to create a collaborative, resilient workplace. Teambuilding exercises and presentations aimed to directly align attendees with their organization’s vision in a positive, productive way. Geared towards entry-level and experienced leaders alike, attendees developed strong communication methods and explored the difference between being a leader and a boss. Interactive exercises highlighted the importance of giving and receiving feedback in order to grow both personally and professionally. Through this course, participants identified their personal leadership style and calibrated it to positively influence others.

2017 executive leadershipMany graduates of the 2016 Executive Leadership Program, which included participants from more than 20 member companies, continued their leadership development with enrollment in the 2017 Executive Presence Program.

“I have seen the difference in how I relate to my employees, co-workers and managers. Enhanced listening and a better understanding of how to give and receive feedback cultivated my personal leadership skills,” stated a 2016 program graduate. “I look forward to applying the skills learned in the 2017 Executive Presence Program to further improve my company’s work dynamic.”

The Executive Presence Program focuses on building personal brands to expand leadership competencies to lead and motivate others. Participants collaborate to establish core values and ethics to elevate their presence and increase their influence within the industry. Through lectures, group discussions, case analyses and experiential coaching emphasizing self-reflection, this course helps already experienced leaders further develop their personal vision through creativity and innovation.

In addition to the seminars held in January and June, participants must also partake in leadership development outside their company and attend two PESA Leadership Meetings such as the bi-monthly Leadership Forums. One of the most important elements of the program is the mentorship provided by the PESA Board and Advisory Board Members, giving participants a unique opportunity to gain strategic career advice and develop valuable relationships with industry leaders.



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