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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA takes the Lead to Launch The WISE Program (Women Investing in Self and Energy) Powered by PinkPetro

PESA’s Engagement Committee promotes diversity within PESA culture and in the industry. As part of this effort, the committee collaborates on strategic partnerships to strengthen our impact. PESA is proud to be the founding association of WISE (Women Investing in Self and Energy) Program Powered by PinkPetro. The PinkPetro WISE Program will bring together associations, organizations, women’s networks and gender initiative leaders to harness the power of human capital, content, and tremendous technology.

PESA Members will have access to the PinkPetro platform of services at a discounted rate (see promo code below) and gain the opportunity to engage with this outstanding network. PinkPetro was born out of becoming the most influential global community of women and men in energy looking to do something serious about the gender gap and attracting new talent into an unsung industry.

“I’m thrilled to see industry come together through the WISE Program at a time when we need to do something different to attract retain and develop women in our industry,” said Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of PinkPetro.

“At PESA, we are focused on supporting current and future generations of oilfield talent, and promoting diversity of that talent is a top priority,” said Leslie Beyer, PESA President. “The Engagement Committee and PESA leadership are energized about this program in coordination with PinkPetro, and we look forward to deeper engagement and growth in these efforts.”

Companies participating on the Engagement Committee and leading PESA’s diversity efforts are DistributionNOW, Dover Energy, Elite Multiphase Solutions, Halliburton, LoneStar Group, Schlumberger, Sigma Fasteners, SOR and Teledyne Oil & Gas. If your company is interested in participating, please contact Molly Smart, PESA VP Communications & Member Relations.


All PESA Members are offered 75% discount off the PinkPetro membership fee.

Join PinkPetro for $25 by using this link. During checkout, use the code PESA25 to receive the 75% discount.




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