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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA To Participate in Texas Energy Day

TXOGAThe third annual Texas Energy Day kicks off in Austin on February 20, bringing together oil and gas professionals from across the state to advocate for the industry and share knowledge. PESA is pleased to participate in and support this event.

Organized by the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA), the event has proven to be an effective way to inform stakeholders in the government and legislature about the industry, its positive impact on the state and the hurdles it faces here. It also provides participants with the opportunity to network with fellow oil and gas professionals and share experiences and expertise with one another.

Texas is the nation’s top producer of crude oil and natural gas, which helps the state maintain prosperity and stability by providing jobs and energy to millions of people each year. Therefore, it is important that the industry develops and maintains contact with those in government who create and enforce laws, as well as those who carry them out. By making the oilfield services and equipment sector’s voice heard and sharing unique perspectives and industry expertise with those in Austin, the sector ensures that policymakers are well-informed and in the best possible position to make decisions that will affect the industry, Texas and its citizens.

For additional information on this event or PESA government affairs, please contact PESA Director Government Affairs, Michael Edwards.



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