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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA to Expand State Government Affairs Reach

In response to increasing regulatory and legislative challenges found in locations where PESA Members operate, PESA plans to expand its Government Affairs operations in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. In the coming months, PESA will host a series of policy forums addressing sector issues in these areas. Local legislators, policy experts, operators and PESA Member employees will be invited to participate. The goal of these forums is to present our sector’s perspectives on the issues while providing the public with facts on the economic and community benefits that our industry brings to their states and communities.

The first of these panel discussions will focus on produced water use proposals in New Mexico. With passage of House Bill 546 The Produced Water Act during the 2019 legislative session, irregularities surrounding the regulatory framework in New Mexico for recycling produced water have been addressed. State lawmakers hope to pave the way for companies to recycle and resell water for use in drilling and fracking operations.

Current laws ban releases of produced water in instances where it could reach freshwater. HB 546 gives the state the chance to draft regulations for treating and using produced water outside of the oilfield, including on farms and perhaps even in drinking water supplies.

The bill authorizes the Water Quality Control Commission to adopt rules – to be administered by the Environment Department – around how produced water is used outside the oilfield, creating the possibility for new and different applications.

This panel discussion will focus on these changes and how this will impact the future of water supplies in New Mexico. For further information, or if you wish to participate in this or other future panels, contact Vice President Government Affairs Tim Tarpley  or Senior Director Government Affairs Kristin Hincke.



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