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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Welcomes New Member Company(Gyrodata)

gyrodataPlease join us in welcoming new member company Gyrodata Incorporated.

Gyrodata Incorporated is a provider of high accuracy wellbore placement technology for the global oil and gas industry. The company’s gyroscopic wellbore surveying, logging and directional drilling technologies are designed and manufactured in-house. Gyrodata has offices in approximately 50 countries, which enables the company to provide its world-class tools and services in every major strategic market in the world. Robert Trainer III is the President of Gyrodata in Houston, Texas.

“PESA’s ability to deliver on the needs of the diverse oilfield service, supply, and manufacturing sector is shown by our continued growth in membership,” said PESA President Leslie Beyer. “We are pleased to have Gyrdodata join us as PESA strengthens individual companies, unifies our sector, and promotes the entire oil and gas industry.”

If you know of a company in the oilfield that would benefit from PESA membership, please contact Peggy Helfert at [email protected].



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