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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Practical AI Applications in the Oilfield

Vivek Chidambaram, Senior Managing Director at Accenture

During the 2024 Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ,  Vivek Chidambaram, Senior Managing Director at Accenture, presented on practical AI applications in the oilfield and discussed the potential of AI and data analytics to transform the industry.

Chidambaram began by explaining the evolution from traditional AI to machine learning and deep learning and the emergence of generative AI models that can create new content. He further highlighted the potential of these models to transform processes and workflows.

Chidambaram then discussed how these AI advancements will impact the energy workforce, stating, “AI will change where most of the money is being spent in the industry. It will change the way that we allocate capital. Generating new content will be applicable in these spaces.” He explained that while 25% of current activities could be automated, the workforce would be augmented rather than replaced.

In closing, Vivek emphasized the importance of understanding the capabilities and limitations of different AI models and bridging the gap between technology experts and domain experts.

If you are interested in reviewing the presentation, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

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