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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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President’s Message: Annual Meeting

PESA President Leslie Beyer

PESA President Leslie Beyer

Dear PESA Members:

First and foremost, sincere thanks and gratitude for your continued support and dedication to PESA. There is no denying that now is a challenging time for the oil and gas industry – and for the oilfield service and supply sector in particular.

As the President of PESA, I want to assure you that we are committed to helping you – striving to equip you with the resources and tools that will contribute to your success, while also promoting our industry and sector as a whole.

A stronger sector means stronger individual companies and vice versa. We are constantly looking for ways to further empower and assist our members, support the important segment of the industry we represent and embody our mantra: Train, Elevate, Network.

PESA offers more than 18,000 hours of networking opportunities across the calendar year, allowing ample time and occasion to interact with fellow members and leading industry players.

We are scheduling even more “Lunch and Learn” sessions, as well as additional technical seminars and training – all of which are highly informative yet low-cost events focused on helping you manage the downturn and prepare for future growth.

We’ve also made significant modifications to PESA’s committee structure in an effort to enhance our services, and to provide you with added benefits and opportunities to engage.

Last year, the newly formed International Programs Committee completely reformatted the Foreign and Civil Service Officer Energy Industry Training. The program is now more robust, with increased value for those involved and stronger emphasis on our sector’s achievements in sustainability, efficiency, health, safety and environmental responsibility. Additional government agencies are now looking to us to replicate this program.

The Government Affairs Committee continues to play a vital role and will remain a key focus in 2016, as we work to heighten awareness of the impact of our sector and solidify our position as a go-to resource. PESA leadership, the committee and staff make a concerted effort to cultivate and maintain an open dialogue with political leaders, in order to more effectively represent our collective interests and educate elected officials on matters critical to our members.

We’ve continued to expand and enrich the benefits afforded to our top-performers through the Emerging Leaders Committee, which now includes an Executive Coaching Program, in addition to multiple intimate roundtable discussions with industry leaders and excellent training opportunities, like the Oil & Gas 101 Seminars.

But most importantly, our goal is to directly benefit you and add real, tangible value to your companies where it matters most – your bottom line.

PESA offers the only credit information system specializing in the oil and gas industry, the Credit Interchange Division (CID), delivering proprietary data on more than 10,000 companies to facilitate credit decisions and manage cash flow. This information paints a clear picture of current or potential customers’ credit experience and exposure, helping ensure member companies appropriately gauge risk, optimize spending and maximize return on investment. In the next year, we aim to add 20 new members to the CID database, providing even more information and financial insight.

In elevating our presence and promoting our sector, we’ve made substantial progress toward expanding PESA’s outreach and enhancing communication through increased social media platforms; an updated website; an overall re-branded image; and further collaboration with other prominent trade associations.

PESA continues to partner and strengthen relationships with energy trade groups, such as the American Petroleum Institute (API); the Independent Producers of America Association (IPAA); the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC); the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC); the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA);  the South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable (STEER); and others – working together to provide the best opportunities and resources possible to our members.

From partnering on trainings, teaming up to maintain support for STEM educational initiatives and coordinating our engagement with policymakers, all the collaborative efforts we are putting forth today will undoubtedly result in real benefits for you tomorrow.

I encourage you to continue to view your PESA membership as a valuable investment and tool to leverage; a force multiplier and the best way to give your company a competitive edge so that you can accomplish and solidify long-term success in an ever-changing industry.

Our association is only as strong as the support of our membership. I appreciate your loyalty, commitment and dedication to PESA; especially now, as we join together – finding strength in numbers; sharing new ideas and information; identifying opportunities and challenges; and striving to reinvent.

We look forward to serving you throughout the next year and continuing to work together as we achieve innovation through dynamic change, in order to emerge from these trying times a stronger, more vibrant sector than ever before.

Beyer Signature

Leslie Beyer
PESA President



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