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Rule Affecting Public Lands Royalties Revoked

public lands

On Tuesday, the Department of Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) revoked a rule that set certain valuation standards for oil and gas extracted from public lands. This rule affected how much companies pay to public lands royalty owners.

In this notice, ONRR justifies the revocation by citing inadequacies in the length of the comment period, economic analysis and the explanation for changes. The Trump Administration finalized the original rule in January 2021, but the Biden Administration delayed final implementation, and the rule was never instituted. 

The Biden Administration says it may reintroduce some provisions from the Trump Administration’s rule, but the announcement did not specify what a revived rule might include. The Council will continue to monitor and report on federal and state regulatory actions affecting the sector.

If you are interested in the Council’s advocacy efforts or would like to join the Government Affairs Committee, contact SVP Government Affairs & Counsel Tim Tarpley.

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