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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Second Session of ESG Certification Program Kicks Off

2021 ESG Certification ProgramResponding to high interest from members, the Council held a second half-day virtual introduction session for the 2021 ESG Certification Program, hosted by COO Molly Determan, Senior Advisor, ESG, Sustainability & Energy Transition Andy Knapp, and Pat Lipovski of Envision Group International.

The ESG Certification Program, the first of its kind in the technology and services sector of the oil and gas industry, is now in its second year. The curriculum is designed to provide participants with ESG best practices and practical tips for the current and future environment.

The year-long certification includes four half-day seminars, an ESG assessment to help participants understand where their company is in its journey, and individual mentoring. When the program concludes, participants will know how to develop a reporting framework to provide ESG investors with the information they need.

“The Council sits at the unique intersection of ESG policy, advocacy and operations.  Our members are embracing ESG work streams and metrics to deliver responsible and reliable energy.”

Andy Knapp, Senior Advisor, ESG, Sustainability & Energy Transition, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

With ESG investment funds reaching $17 trillion worldwide in 2020 and expected to continue growing in 2021 and beyond, the Council is committed to making sure its members have access to the tools needed to address the concerns of ESG-centric investors. Last year, the Council established an online center to provide ESG information and best practices. Council CEO Leslie Beyer is leading discussion of core ESG and energy transition issues in many forums, including the Energy in Transition podcast, which features in-depth conversations with leading energy industry executives.

“ESG started in the 1960s as socially responsible investing,” Lipovksi said. “For socially conscious investors, it’s the leading way they can gauge how companies under consideration for investment are endorsing a cleaner environment, a more just society, better workplace diversity, and a more ethical style to business.”

The priorities of the Council’s ESG and Energy Transition committees include working with the Biden Administration and Congress to develop clear, smart, achievable, and non-duplicative targets that are adaptable to address improving technology and heightened awareness of the importance of ESG issues.

The Council is also working to providing guidelines for standardizing reporting requirements to address confusion create by multiple reporting frameworks, key performance indicators, and competing metrics.

To learn more or get involved in the Council’s work on ESG, contact Senior Advisor, ESG, Sustainability & Energy Transition Andy Knapp.

Kevin Broom, Director Communications and Research, writes about the Council’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Council’s newsletter, which highlights industry practices, workforce development, Council activities and more.



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