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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Silverstream Energy Solutions President Discusses ‘Fostering a Culture of Innovation’

Emerging Executives Chair Chris Berrie, Caterpillar Oil & Gas, Tracie Reed, Molly Determan, Energy Workforce COO

Energy Workforce Board Member Tracie Reed, President, Silverstream Energy Solutions, shared thoughts on fostering a culture of innovation during a leadership forum on May 25.

This small round-table event consisted of Members from more than 25 companies. Prior to Reed’s remarks, the group participated in a facilitated networking activity sharing tips and suggestions for individual professional and personal challenges.

Reed began by outlining the phases of innovation which she said comes in phases with ideas, designs and prototyping in phase one.

“Phase two is where the rubber hits the road. You identify your field pilot locations, test it and make sure that it’s built for scalability and commercialization.”

Board Member Tracie Reed, President, Silverstream Energy Solutions

Reed said that teams need grit and tenacity to take an idea from conception to market. The pandemic has made operations and internal processes more difficult, and she believes the best ideas come from the field.

“We’re away from our offices, and I think it’s harmed our understanding of internal operations and understanding with customers. We need to try and find a way to get back to that level,” she said.

“The goal is you walk away with one idea or perspective that you can take back into your own life and use productively.  Whether that’s a different way to have a conversation with your colleague or a conversation with a customer on how to consider some new technology.”

Tracie Reed

What are the key things to have in place when staging for innovation? Reed recommends find ways to reward risk.

“Reward that engineer,” Reed said. “We need senior leaders to step up, and entrepreneurs to take their organizations to the next level.”

The next Energy Workforce leadership forum will be held June 23 with Advisory Board Member Dave Warnick, Global Vice President of Human Resources, SPM Oil & Gas, A Caterpillar Company. Register today!

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