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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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SLB Takes First Place at Energy Workforce’s 6th Annual Shoot for the Stars Tournament

First-place team SLB, pictured with Energy Workforce Board Member, Derek Kamp, Vice President & General Manager Oil & Gas, Caterpillar Oil & Gas and Energy Workforce President Molly Determan

The sixth annual Shoot for the Stars Marksmanship Tournament kicked off on May 21, bringing together Energy Workforce & Technology Council (EWTC) members for a day of networking and competition at the Athena Gun Club.

EWTC President Molly Determan and Board Member Derek Kamp, Vice President & General Manager of Oil & Gas at Caterpillar Oil & Gas, welcomed participants and highlighted the event’s significant impact on supporting energy education initiatives.

Each team that competed rotated between three
bays. SLB’s team placed first with a score of 1,291. SLB’s team included Jeremy Aumaugher, Mike Croissant, Evan Monckton, Nick Tran and Sloan Diaz.

Caterpillar, Inc.’s team followed in second place with a score of 1,196. Caterpillar, Inc.’s  team included Board Member Derek Kamp, Matt Morse, Phil Heisch, Connor Winn, and Brantley Abrams.

NOV’s team finished third with a score of 1,172.  NOV’s team members included Scott Toler, Ryan Supak, Travis Bolt, Mark Dearing, and Michael Capparelli.

Energy Workforce also presented a Best Individual Award to the participant with the highest personal score. Brantley Abrams from Caterpillar, Inc. took home the Best Individual Award after winning a shoot off with Nick Tran, SLB.

Congratulations to all winners and a thank you to our sponsors, Mustang CAT, GD Energy Products, MidCoast Engine & Transmission Inc., Oil States International and strategic partners, Chevron, Patterson-UTI and SLB.

Second-place team Caterpillar, Inc.

Third-place team NOV


Mustang Cat




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