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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Social Responsibility: Core to Businesses Operations Today

PESA continued its ESG Knowledge Sharing Certification Program with a deep dive on the social dimension of ESG, led by presenters from Apache Corporation and HESS Corporation. Hosted by ESG Committee Chairs Jock Pool, Oceaneering International, and Valerie Banner, Exterran, and facilitated by Boris Leshchinskiy, Accenture, this was the second seminar in a series culminating in November.

Castlen Kennedy, Apache Corporation

Castlen Kennedy, Apache Corporation

Castlen Kennedy, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Apache Corporation gave insight on why “social” is really about “stakeholders” both internal (employees) and external (communities). Kennedy showcased how Apache approached ESG by prioritizing issues most pertinent and controllable by the organization. This theme continued as Kennedy shared Apache’s community focus areas in relationship building and strategic philanthropy.

Kennedy said it’s important to recognize that for an oil and gas company, the greatest societal contribution is the products it delivers. The energy provided by the oil and gas industry enables and empowers global progress and human flourishing.

“Don’t start from a position of apology,” Kennedy said.

Evelyn Maclean-Quick, Hess Corporation

Evelyn Maclean-Quick, Hess Corporation

Evelyn Maclean-Quick, VP: Energy Workforce Transformation, HESS Corporation, shared her vision of leadership in ‘Transforming the Energy Workforce,’ a project designed to address workforce challenges. MacLean highlighted why issues like diversity and inclusion, human rights, transparency, health and safety are strategic and core to the way businesses operate today.

“It’s okay to be an incomplete leader,” Maclean-Quick said. “A leader who acknowledges shortcomings is a good thing because it allows space for collaboration.”

According to Maclean-Quick, COVID-19 will require oil and gas executives to reimagine the future.

[su_quote cite=”Evelyn MacLean-Quick, Hess Corporation”]“What is the value proposition we need to retain the talent we have, to reskill the talent we have, and to recruit the talent we’ll need?” [/su_quote]

Maclean-Quick also advised leaders to be more willing to turn down business when terms are unfavorable.

“The power of ‘yes’ is weakened by the absence of ‘no’,” she said. “A lot of suppliers fear losing business or being left off bid lists. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ if you can explain why.”

During the session, PESA President Leslie Beyer described how PESA is supporting members on social responsibility via various programs and initiatives:

In the next session, scheduled for October 27 at noon CT, Isabel Mogstad, bp and Megan Parks, AMB Parks Consulting, will lead a seminar on the environment dimension of ESG.

For more information on the ESG Knowledge Sharing Program, or to join the program, please contact Vice President Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.


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