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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Statement by Energy Workforce President on President Biden’s FY2024 Budget Proposal

Energy Workforce & Technology Council President Tim Tarpley released the following statement regarding President Biden’s fiscal 2024 budget proposal:

“President Biden is again targeting America’s oil and gas producers in his fiscal 2024 budget proposal. This budget request, if enacted, would increase Americans energy costs and further deplete our nation’s energy security and that of our allies.”

“While the Biden Administration has been calling on the oil and gas industry to increase production to help bring down gas prices and other energy costs, the President’s actions are in stark contrast to the steps that need to take place to meet energy demand. Under his Administration, the Department of Interior has stalled and delayed producing its five-year plan for offshore oil and gas leasing which is required by law and necessary for increased domestic production. Additionally, he is threatening to tank a project in Alaska that has already passed environmental reviews by his Administration. The project would create thousands of jobs, provide millions for North Slope communities and produce a much needed 600 million barrels of oil over its lifetime.”

“Energy security is national security and President Biden continues to put our nation at risk through his attempts to cripple the U.S. oil and gas industry. Additionally, he is laying a foundation to make our basic needs — food, electricity, gas — all unattainable by shorting domestic energy supply while demand continues to increase. This budget request is not only anti-U.S. domestic energy, but it is also anti-climate since the United States produces some of the cleanest energy in the world. We urge Congress to push back on these provisions of the President’s budget that will ultimately harm U.S. energy security, national security and our economy.”  



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