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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Why It Matters

Companies in the energy sector are under greater pressure than ever before to demonstrate a sound ESG position. Not only is it considered the ethical thing to do, but investors are weighing ESG criteria when making decisions about where to invest capital.
At a time when our industry is being encouraged by governments and non-profit organizations to change its ways, Newpark is one step ahead. We view sustainability as a powerful tool to help our customers meet today’s demands without compromising what’s essential for tomorrow. At Newpark, we believe that our customers should not have to sacrifice performance to protect the environment We continue to invest in value-added technology designed to provide innovative eco-solutions and we are committed to sustainable profitability. To us, practicing environmental responsibility is ensuring our business’ sustainability.
Sustainability is integral to our overall strategy as we seek to deliver long-term financial value while minimizing our environmental footprint and having a positive impact on society.
Solaris provides products and services that help the oil and gas industry minimize the environmental impact and cost of hydrocarbon production by providing innovative products and services that improve efficiency, lower emissions and reduce well site footprints. We also continually seek to minimize our own environmental impact in our manufacturing activity, field services operations and corporate functions.


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