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TxDOT Releases Unified Transportation Program for Permian

On July 11, TxDOT held a workshop outlining the Unified Transportation Program (UTP) where $600 million in additional funding for the Permian Basin was outlined. This funding, good for the next two years, comes from a new funding stream and has the potential to be extended every two years during future revisions of the UTP.

The new UTP obligates $464,590,000 of the $600,000,000 dedicated to the Permian Basin, as follows, leaving an $135,410,000 of the dedicated funds unobligated:

HWY County/Counties Description Amount
FM 2185 Culberson New Road Construction $10,000,000
US 180 Gaines/Dawson Passing Lanes $38,000,000
Relief Route Reeves New Construction of Relief Route for Pecos $110,000,000
FM 1053 Pecos Relocation of FM 1053 $30,000,000
I-20 Midland-Ector Convert Frontage Roads and Reconstruct Interchanges $243,050,000
SL 88 Lubbock Construct New Outer Loop for Lubbock $33,540,000


Outside of the new $600 million dedicated funds, the new UTP also provides an additional $78.7 million to the TxDOT Odessa District for use on Regional Connectivity projects:

HWY County/Counties Description Amount
LP 250 Midland CR 1140 Interchange $9,900,000
US 285 Pecos Passing Lanes, S of FM 1776 to N of 1-10 $19,000,000
US 67 Upton Passing Lanes, Reagan County Line to SH 329 $14,800,000
US 385 Upton Widen to 4 Lane Divided, Crane County to McCamey $35,000,000


The Texas Transportation Commission and TxDOT use the UTP as TxDOT’s 10-year plan to guide transportation project development. The plan is developed annually and is approved by the Commission prior to August 31. It includes construction, development and planning activities and includes projects involving highways, aviation, public transportation, and state and coastal waterways.

The UTP is neither a budget nor a guarantee that projects will or can be built.




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