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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Advocacy, Innovation, and Growth: Energy Workforce’s Year in Review

Dear Energy Workforce & Technology Council Members,

With 2023 drawing to a close, our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and our entire team would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication to Energy Workforce as we work to advance member policy priorities and empower the energy workforce of the future. 

This year brought forward many changes for EWTC, and we are grateful to all of you for helping us achieve more than ever. It’s you, the Members of Energy Workforce, that inspire us to do and achieve more every day.

We’ve long believed that creating robust succession plans at the C-suite level and understanding best practices for building company culture is not just a strategic imperative; it’s the cornerstone upon which the future success of an organization is built.

At the beginning of 2023, the Board of Directors approved a long-term executive leadership succession plan, as our previous CEO, Leslie Beyer, planned to step down. Molly Determan, previously Chief Operating Officer, and Tim Tarpley, formerly Senior Vice President and Counsel, were both elevated to the role of President with equal responsibility. Our joint leadership of the Association, reporting to the Board of Directors, began in July. As we step into this new role, we could not be more excited about the future of Energy Workforce.

Since our foundation in 1933, Energy Workforce has served as a reflection of the men and women working in the services and technology sector of the U.S. energy industry. While the industry has been substantially transformed over the last 90 years, the spirit of hard work and innovation has never faded.

As we head into 2024, we plan to continue our celebration, recognizing the industry’s reliability, ingenuity and successes that power the world.

We continue to combat the narrative that villainizes the oil and gas industry far too often and are invested in telling our story of innovation and resourcefulness to stakeholders in the United States and abroad.

Our 2023 Fly-In meeting in Washington, D.C., was once again a success, with our group of 40 Energy Workforce executives meeting with over 40 members of Congress and Senior Biden Administration officials. Energy Workforce consistently tells the story of the vital role our sector plays in ensuring energy security for the United States and the world.

Our 2024 Fly-In is just around the corner! Energy Workforce will host Members February 5-7 for meetings on Capitol Hill and with the Administration to discuss the issues our sector is facing. If you have not already done so, sign up for the trip here. Your participation is extremely valuable as we deliver our message to Congress and the Administration.

Throughout the year, Energy Workforce’s Government Affairs team met with members of Congress, Administration officials and state-level regulators to advocate for policies supporting our Members’ ability to produce the energy the world needs successfully.

In support of these efforts, EWTC President Tim Tarpley testified in support of a clear and consistent offshore drilling lease plan and in support of well stimulation in front of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, advocating for Congress to provide the American people with clear and consistent guarantees that we will be able to access our resources in a timely and consistent manner, keep energy costs affordable, keep Americans employed and support investment in our domestic resources. EWTC also advocated for legislation introduced by Congressman August Pfluger that would prohibit the Endangered Species Act listing of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, which was ultimately included in the House Interior Appropriations.

From a regulatory standpoint, Energy Workforce submitted formal comments to the Administration on various policy proposals, including the FTC Non-Compete Proposal, EPA Subpart W GHG Proposed Rule, CEQ regulations on NEPA Phase 2 Guidance, and Fish and Wildlife regulations on Dunes Sagebrush Lizard. Further, we led a joint trades coalition letter to House and Senate Leadership on the principles of permitting reform, supported a campaign opposing the nomination of Ann Carlson to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (the nomination was ultimately rescinded on May 30, 2023), and joined a coalition to address New Mexico PFAS rulemaking. The Environmental Policy Committee is leading the effort to push back on an EPA proposal to create new limitations on the use of fracking fluid.

At every turn, Energy Workforce is fighting for policies that benefit Member businesses and keeping Member priorities at the forefront of policymaker’s minds.

2023 Latin America Chapter Reception

Energy Workforce’s Middle East and Latin America chapters were busier than ever, with meetings focused on expanding international relations and aligning the region’s energy industry’s service, supply, and manufacturing organizations with local regulatory requirements and business landscape.

Energy Workforce hosted U.S. Ambassadors from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in Houston for facility tours and roundtables. The Latin America Chapter hosted an annual reception at the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina during the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo in Buenos Aires, bringing together operators and executives from Member Companies. In 2024, the chapter will focus on new events in smaller settings, fostering deeper conversations and facilitating the exchange of best practices amongst member companies.

In the Middle East, the chapter hosted the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Michael Ratney, for a chapter meeting during ADIPEC, promoting international best practices and world-class industry standards to advance member priorities.

Meanwhile, here at home, we hosted the Pan American Energy Delegation and 16 international reporters from the State Department Foreign Press Center at Energy Workforce headquarters. During our annual State Department Houston Energy Course, 27 U.S. foreign and civil service officers stationed in 19 countries traveled to Houston to participate in an immersive look at the oil and gas industry across all sectors and angles of the value chain.

Across our international chapters, we look forward to another year of gathering to build strategic relationships with local stakeholders and hear from operator executives and analysts.

Harold Hamm, Continental Resources

2023 also brought us the reemergence of two chapters in Louisiana and Oklahoma. With these revitalized chapters, we now have five regional chapters and two international chapters working together to form strategic relationships with stakeholders. To kick off the Louisiana chapter, newly elected Gov. Jeff Landry delivered keynote remarks, discussing the energy industry’s importance to Louisiana’s overarching business climate, while Harold Hamm, Executive Chairman, Continental Resources, provided his thoughts on what the future holds for the U.S. energy industry, and the challenges and importance of domestic energy production at the relaunch of the Oklahoma Chapter.

At our annual meeting, we honored Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with the 2023 Champion of the Oilfield Award. Gov. Abbott noted efforts to cement Texas’ position as a global energy leader, including prioritizing the construction of new natural gas power plants and supporting more training programs for the next generation of the energy workforce.

We look forward to continuing to grow these chapters and building connections with stakeholders nationwide.


Energy Workforce’s Executive Leadership Programs prepare high-performing, high-potential individuals to further develop their leadership skills further. As we set out to better our program offerings, we assembled a Member Company task force to redesign our leadership programs with more information applicable to today’s workforce. Thanks to our task force, new programs are now available for 2024. Check out our new lineup here.


As we work to implement best practices across the industry, we recognized the need for a program to address the specifics of well control, operation, security and safety. In response, we launched SecureWell: Well Control Certification Program. SecureWell’s mission is to provide industry standards for effective equipment selection and purpose-driven practical well control training for cased hole applications. The certification course is the premiere training program for well containment and control for cased hole well servicing. SecureWell is the first industry training to teach proper selection, installation and use of primary barriers when working in a live hydrocarbon environment.

With a number of programs and events already on the calendar for 2024, we look forward to streamlining processes and ensuring the safety of the men and women working in the field.


Through 2023, the Council emphasized the importance of workforce development to support recruitment and retention, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the energy workforce, and provide reskilling opportunities for long-term industry stability.

Committees have worked to enhance membership engagement and opportunities, hosting over 150 events in 2023, with even more on the horizon in 2024. Looking for your next opportunity to network and grow your presence in the industry? Sign up for an upcoming event here.

Continuing to invest in the future of the industry, the Energy Workforce & Technology Council Scholarship Program awarded $34,000 in scholarship funding for the 2023-24 school year to 54 students attending more than 37 different colleges and universities across the country. All scholarships are awarded to employees, spouses, children or other legal dependents of an Energy Workforce Member Company employee.

To recruit the next generation of talent, it is imperative that we continue to promote the positive impact that our industry has every day. We are powering the future, and telling our story is more important than ever.

With our membership quickly growing, we head into the new year with the intent of continuing to forge new partnerships and alliances. As the industry evolves, we are adapting and improving, aligning with members’ needs and requests. In addition, we continue to add new programs as needed, enhancing our current programs to meet industry trends. Our goal is to take proactive steps to engage with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure our members have a positive voice advocating on behalf of our sector.

We are excited for a busy 2024 and look forward to seeing our industry continue to grow and thrive. We are grateful to all of you who help keep driving us forward and are inspired by your commitment to bettering our future.

Best wishes to you and your families in the New Year.

Molly Determan
Tim Tarpley Signature

Molly Determan

Tim Tarpley



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