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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Hosts Best Practice Sharing Sessions for Inclusion & Diversity Program

Best Practice

The Council’s industry-leading Inclusion & Diversity Business Champion Program brought participants together for a structured best practice sharing session to discuss ways to move inclusion and diversity forward and overcome possible obstacles.

Participants broke into small groups that facilitated discussion of questions about inclusion and diversity challenges, cultivating a safe environment in which employees or team members feel they can communicate their needs, and how individuals can advance inclusion and diversity each day within their organizations.

One group discussed the value of Employee Resource Groups: voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve.

“Employee Resource Groups, or Affinity Groups, are not part of every organization but are a great way to get people engaged and create awareness. Some people in our group were not familiar with these resources so it was a great conversation around how to start that process within their organizations.”

Program Participants

The program, which includes interactive seminars, peer coaching and executive sponsorship, guides participants in developing detailed plans to lead meaningful changes within their companies.

There was also discussion around effective communication which participants agreed was key when it comes to inclusion, especially for global companies.

“Our group discussed the importance of constant communication. We talked about being conscientious about communicating in different languages and aware of different time zones. When you have meetings that are going to occur, be cognizant of everyone’s schedules, ensuring you’re including all, not just those on Houston time.”

Program Participants

For more information about the I&D Business Champion program, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

Peggy Helfert, Vice President Programs and Events, writes about the Council’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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