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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce & Technology Council Statement on Increased Energy Prices

Energy Workforce and Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer released the following statement regarding recent reports about increasing energy prices:

“The U.S. is witnessing unprecedented hikes in energy prices, which could continue into the foreseeable future unless the Biden Administration realizes that hindering domestic energy production only exacerbates the problem and is counter to stated environmental goals.  In order to lower prices and ensure that America has ample energy supplies, we must allow the men and women of our industry to produce energy in a safer, cleaner and more secure way than anywhere else. 

“We have 100 years’ worth of energy right here in the United States and encouraging foreign producers (OPEC +) to increase production is detrimental to both our economy and the environment. 

“Oil and natural gas will be a part of the global energy system for decades, providing reliability and security for our nation and others. The Energy Workforce and Technology Council’s members are the ones that can truly help support the administration’s goal of producing it in a cleaner way.”


  • Achieving the energy transition without sacrificing reliability or security is only possible through robust investment in U.S. oil and natural gas
  • Our members (a group of 600 companies, and more than 600,000 workers) are literally powering the world. Their roles are critical to providing the energy necessary to meet growing global demand while also investing in technological innovations to support clean energy
  • The Energy Workforce and Technology Council is transforming energy by giving our members the tools, information and representation they need to boldly enable a low-carbon future – safely, profitably and sustainably


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