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Health & Safety Committee Shares Best Practices in Townhall Teleconference

The PESA Health & Safety Committee hosted a townhall on March 25 addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the sector’s HSEQ programs, processes and procedures. PESA Health & Safety Committee Chair Gary Childress, Vice President QHS&E – Well Site Services, Oil States International, facilitated the discussion with more than 25 PESA Member Companies.

Multiple participants shared they have set up emergency response teams to take over contingency planning and responses to COVID-19 in order allow frontline employees to focus on operations. Using mobile solutions to maintain real-time communication with employees worldwide has become critical in managing expectations and safety.

Several companies mentioned using digital platform questionnaires as a means to screen employees for the virus, evaluating low or high risk before shifts begin. Particular responses trigger whether the employee needs to self-isolate or not. Temperatures are being taken as another means of risk mitigation, and the group discussed best practices around obtaining accurate temperature results. Infographics of the proper utilization of thermometers were deemed as best practice. Companies are also working through plans from travel disruptions, as clients are saying they do not want airline travelers on the well sites. Overall, it was agreed flexibility and communication has been key in managing the changing landscape of the current environment.

It was recommended a PESA subcommittee be assembled to address a standard set of recommendations and high-level resolutions focused on HSEQ during the COVID-19 pandemic. PESA will begin this process, and any member who is interested in participating is welcome to join.

Attendees were encouraged to submit additional questions and share any additional best practices, documents and resources which PESA will compile and distribute with townhall participants. Following the call, PESA shared a resource companies can use to monitor state by state orders, as well as a Work Authorization Letter template.

If you would like to join future Health & Safety calls, please contact Sr. Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert.



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