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High Performer Spotlight: Amar Thiraviam, Teledyne Oil & Gas

High Performer Amar Thiraviam, Teledyne Oil & Gas

High Performer Amar Thiraviam, Teledyne Oil & Gas

Eleven years ago, Amar Thiraviam was studying manufacturing engineering at the University of Central Florida when recruiters from Teledyne Oil & Gas showed up on campus. He knew he wanted to work in a high tech industry. He was already interning at a local technology company and working in a research lab. But like many, he never connected high tech with oil & gas.

“I think the perception of oil & gas isn’t about the innovation. But in reality you can’t find a more technologically forward industry. The issue is visibility, especially in subsea. When you see a factory in Downtown Houston – you tour it. You see its interworking and innovative technology. But in subsea oil & gas it’s hidden.”

At the time, Teledyne was looking to implement Six Sigma and Amar had a Six Sigma certification. They were a perfect match. Fast forward a decade and a number of posts within Teledyne – including Quality, Reliability, Engineering, R&D, Product Management, Business Development, and Site Operations – and we find Amar as Teledyne’s current Vice President of Global Projects over subsea oil & gas, still as enthusiastic about invention as he ever was. His favorite pastime – playing with time itself.

Amar’s proclivity toward investigating and interpreting data led him to author a formula that would reduce theoretical (test) time and help identify answers to questions like, how does pressure affect (life)time, what happens to equipment if we change pressure and/or jump forward 10 or 20 years?

“It’s like magic, trying to compress the testing period and predict outcomes in environments that don’t exist yet, time that hasn’t occurred yet.”

While his work has helped frame his deep appreciation for the innovative nature of oil & gas and its continued investment in developing future technologies, Amar credits associations like PESA with educating him on the larger issues facing the industry and introducing him to a vast network of professionals who have inspired him in unique ways.

“Meeting the diverse members of PESA has helped open my perspective to different approaches, a different way of thinking. I understand more acutely how the industry impacts the economy, and how changing U.S. policies impact the industry.”

Amar first engaged with PESA through its education seminars like Oil & Gas 101. He then got involved in the Emerging Leaders Committee where he currently serves as chairman, and for the last few years has participated in the Washington, D.C. Fly-In event, which offers a platform to build relationships with policy makers who influence energy policy. Even with his varied industry engagement and diverse workload, Amar still finds time to reflect on the future of technology within oil & gas.

“The industry is in a phase where companies have to re-invent themselves, and technology has a starring role in that. And we will reinvent ourselves and come out ahead. It’s an exciting journey and we’re just getting started in it.“



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