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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Mastering Intentionality for Success: Leadership Forum with Advisory Board Member Gary Hauck

Leadership Forum with Advisory Board Member Gary Hauck

The recent Leadership Forum, featuring Advisory Board Member Gary Hauck, President of Vallourec Star, provided a deep dive into the theme of ‘Essential Leadership: Mastering Intentionality for Success.’ During the event, Hauck shared insights from his career path, highlighting the importance of routine, intentionality, and work-life balance in achieving success.

One of the key points Hauck emphasized was the value of routine and intentionality. He stressed that a well-established routine fosters organization and a clear sense of direction while being intentional with your time and relationships ensures that your hard work is recognized by those who can help advance your career.

Aside from having a routine and being intentional, Hauck stressed that attendees must ensure they are “optimizing the room they are in.” Each room refers to the past, present and future, and Hauck noted that if too much time is spent in one room, things will never get done.

“If you spend too much time in the past, then you will have no time to focus on what is happening in front of you. If you spend too much time in the present, you won’t have time to stop and think about your future. But if you spend too much time thinking about the future, then you will focus too much on the goals you want to achieve and not on what you can do now to achieve them.”

–          Energy Workforce Advisory Board Member Gary Hauck, Vallourec Star

Hauck shared with participants that by optimizing their time in each room, they can create a balance for themselves, both in their careers and personal lives. This balance can ultimately allow them to achieve their desired success.

He also delved into the importance of work-life balance. Hauck shared that this was something he initially struggled with when he first began his career, as he wanted to ensure that everything was always running smoothly. But by finding a work-life balance, he discussed how he not only became a better leader for his team but also found peace within himself, allowing him to take on larger roles throughout his career.

Thank you to Emerging Executives committee member Orleth Bryan-Tortolero, for facilitating the session.

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