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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Transforming Managers into Leaders: Inside the Field Operations Leadership Program

More than 35 participants from Diamondback Energy, Key Energy Services, Kodiak Gas Services, ProPetro Services and Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure gathered at ProPetro Services in Midland this week for this year’s second Field Level Leadership Program. Attendees learned about tools, resources and strategies to help develop and refine leadership skills within their roles.

Sam Sledge, CEO & Director, ProPetro Services and EWTC Vice Chair, welcomed the group to the facility touching upon the significance of influence, choice and development as well as the importance of attending the session. “It’s so valuable that you all have a company that supports you in coming to this program to develop and learn.”

The session was sponsored by Strategic Partners Chevron, Patterson-UTI and SLB.

The Field Operations Leadership Program, facilitated by Energy Workforce Advisory Board member Doug Orr, Partner and Laura Gironda, Principal Heidrick & Struggles, is a two-day seminar designed to transform managers from individual contributors into effective leaders.

Over the 2 days participants learned about their leadership styles and how to be situationally agile, explored their shadow of leadership, named their passions in order to identify what energizes them and focused on the importance of self-awareness and empathy.

During the program kick-off the facilitators surveyed the group asking what they would most like to get out of the program. Common themes were: building better communication within teams, learning how to manage different personalities and how to minimize micromanaging and better delegate among teams.

After taking a personality assessment in advance of the program, the participants were able to dig down into understanding their own personalities as well as understand other’s personality traits. One of the participants noted the value of this self-discovery tool during the session. “This exercise has shown me what I need to work on relative to how I deal with other people’s personality styles,” said one participant. “I’m also realizing the value of having all types of personalities on a team. Everyone has something to offer.”

During the seminar, participants were given the opportunity to break out into groups to participate in an exercise around looking to coworkers to help provide a different perspective. “Distractions can cause you to pay less attention to the details, and that can be a big problem,” said one participant. “Having a bad day, stress etc., can affect decision-making, and I can see how taking a minute to see things through someone else’s eyes can be valuable.”

Participants also discussed what helps us be at our best as well as why you may be off your game during the workday. The facilitators talked about building your curiosity to better understand why you and the people on your teams are performing at their best and worst.

“I can see how these tools can help build self-awareness, build better relationships and create more success within your team,” said one participant.

The program wrapped up with group discussions and coaching.. When asked about key takeaways, participants noted the power of positivity, the importance of empathy and the significance of self-awareness.

Registration is open for the October 22-23 Field Level Leadership Program hosted at Diamondback Energy in Midland. For more information about Energy Workforce training programs, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

Peggy Helfert, Vice President Programs & Events, writes about the Energy Workforce’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.



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